About Us

About Us

in memory of our family elder and master Mehmet Emin Akdoğan, who passed away in 2017...

With the brand EMİN EFENDİ...

Ourmaster would like to start working life instead of studying in 1970, because he grew up without a father and wanted tocontribute to the family. He works under his brother's hand until 1973, but he is free-spirited, he intends to learn a profession and improve himself, despite leaving school... In 1973, the Celebrity on 1st Street in Batman Merkez

The story of Tatilci Emin Efendi starts in his patisserie. Ancient mastery goes through ali the steps of tradition; apprenticeshipjourneyman and mastery. He learns how to make ali pastry Products at his famous Patisserie. When he left in 1978 due to military service, he is now a Baklava master. He demonstrates his mastery while in the army and becomes a foreman in the kitchen. When the time comes for the military service, his commanders insist that he stay, but he has to return to his wife and children, and the ünlü Patisserie is waiting for him. But our master's intention is to own his own place. In 1981 hejointly established the City Patisserie in Siirt Kozluk.The name of the patisserie is Şehir, but the small town is a tight place for our master. In 1983, he moved to İskenderun, the active trade and port district of the Mediterranean, with his family. In 1983, he established a patisserie and a workshop with his brother in İskenderun with a Capital of 333 thousand Turkish Liras. He is loved and recognized inashorttim e.

He wrote the following in his notebook of mastery secrets in 1992.

"Wednesday 05.06.1992

The subject is the business world; an endless and endless struggle...


say; to be right in life, to be determined and to be conscious, not to be discouraged, to fight for the right, not to deviate from the right, to follow the right, to apply the right...

As in Turkey inthe 19805, masters go toforeign countries (Germany, Middle Eastern countries) to work in İskenderun.In 1986, he left the patisse- rie in İskenderun to his brother and nephew, and decided to go to Saudi Arabia (Mecca) by evaluating the offer. As we said, he is free-spirited... On 10.03.1986 he started to work as a Baklava foreman in Mecca. In 1987 at the request of the firm in Saudi Arabia, he moved to the City of Medina, established the first patisserie factory there and became a partner. Until 2004, it managed to distribute its Products to ali Saudi Arabia with 100 employees and a product range of 100 types. As the days pass, Tatilci begins to be known as Emin Efendi, thanks to his Products that are admired for their naturalness and quality. In 2004, he established his own production facility and 12 patisserie branches under the Tatilci Emin Efendi brand in Medina. Now the second generation of the family has also started to work. Our master always has the thought of establishing a facility in Turkey. By encouraging the second generation in 2017, it established a patisserie Products factory with a closed area of 4,500 square meters on an area of 8,000 square meters in Antakya Organized Industrial Zone.

We commemorate our master, whom we lost in 2017, with the Emin Efendi brand, with respect and gratitude.

Today, we operate in the food and confectionery sector with the Emin Efendi brand and 5 companies. Step by step to become a food giant in the dessertindustrywith its production facilities, production capacity and product range in Turkey and abroad, Emin Efendi continues onhisw ayw ith the second generation, combining the experience he gained from Tatilci Emin Efendi with innovation.

Emin Efendi, which produces under hygienic conditions in modern facilities, carries the sweets of traditional Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine to the present day by keeping the same quality and taste, while remaining loyal to traditional reci pes